Villages of the Sierra del Segura

    The Sierra de Albacete is not only nature, but also much History and traditions that are crowded in the old helmets of most of its towns. If you want to discover the best of our heritage, Val de Pinares is also the ideal base. Located halfway between Riópar, Aýna, Alcaraz and Liétor. The first two are the tourist capitals of the region, the first giving birth to the Mundo River and the second hanging from its canyon. Alcaraz gives its name to the mountains and was one of the key locations of the Spanish Renaissance, as witnessed by its grand Plaza Mayor. Liétor, on the other hand, lived its splendor under the dominion of the Order of Santiago and its urban center, elevated on a balcony that gives to the World river, still retains its medieval flavor. And what about Bogarra, our town, where we invite you to find the charming corners of its old town, overlooking the wood of the Madera River.







    Riópar Viejo






    Attractions near Val de Pinares and phone shops

    Museo de las Reales Fábricas de Latón y Bronce | Riópar Viejo
    +34 967 43 52 30

    Iglesia de la Asunción y barrio de la Puentechica | Ruta de las Esculturas
    +34 967 11 97 13

    Mirador del Diablo, Cueva de los Moros y Plaza Mayor |
    Ruta de ‘Amanece que no es poco’
    +34 967 29 53 16

    Ermita de Belén y Convento de los Carmelitas | Miradores
    +34 967 20 09 06

    Plaza Mayor y Santuario de Cortes
    +34 967 38 08 27